About A Balanced Life


A Balanced Life has been designing and coordinating On-site Health & Wellness Fairs (or Expos as we call them) for large companies nationally for 25 years.  Recently we launched Virtual Health Expos to better meet the needs of employee’s working everywhere and for all shifts.  Our Expos-to-Go allow us to serve smaller companies. 

Our mission is empowering millions of people to live healthier lives.  We understand that employees and their family members are at different points on their paths to health and wellness.  Therefore, we bring in a wide variety of local health care providers and professionals, who are in-network of the company’s insurance carrier plans. 


Health Expos can save lives, especially for employees who only go to a doctor when they are extremely sick instead of having a yearly wellness check-up.  Health screenings can reveal health issues that may not be displaying noticeable symptoms, which can lead to early detection and simpler solutions.

Encouraging and educating your employees to be proactive and to form healthy habits for prevention will help to control long-term costs by reducing medical claims. The number of claims filed is one of the main factors that drives up health premiums.

Corporate cultures vary from company to company, so we customize your Health Expo to best meet your employee’s health needs and interests.

Companies recognize the importance of keeping their employees healthy and working.   We include information that addresses concerns surrounding employees such as related to aging parents, their children, financial and retirement planning, these kinds of concerns add stressors to your employees while at work.

Employer/employee relations are essential to a company’s culture and a comprehensive Health & Wellness Expo brings many health and quality of life benefits to employees while boosting morale.

We look forward to making a positive difference for your company and employee’s.  Contact us and find out how turnkey our Health Expos are.

We Educate, Stimulate and Empower People to Lead A Balanced Life !