Del-Co Water Company Virtual Health Expo by A Balanced Life Expos

Del-Co Water, Delaware OH
Nov. 10, 2020 – May 10, 2021

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Del-Co Water Company Health Expos

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Del-Co Water Company was formed in 1969 when Ralph Scott, Timothy McNamara, and Gerald Solt foresaw the need for a dependable supply of quality drinking water in southern Delaware County. Overall the quantity and quality of groundwater in Delaware County varied greatly making it an unpredictable source of drinking water for county residents. It was believed that a rural water system could provide adequate volumes of high quality drinking water which would promote favorable conditions for rapid community growth.

Del-Co Water is 501(c)(12) corporation, a non-profit company, with a mission to provide high quality and safe drinking water to our members/customers. Del-Co Water is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Del-Co Water Company Virtual Health Expo by A Balanced Life Expos

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