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As children shape their own worlds with LEGO bricks, we play our part in having a positive impact on the world they live in today and will inherit in the future.

We are the masters of reinvention. The first brick we made over 60 years ago is as culturally relevant today as it always was (and still fits too!). And that’s because it is only ever one half of the toy. The other half is the child. LEGO play offers the chance of constant discovery – the possibility of creating something new every time.

Caring is about our desire to make a positive difference in the lives of children, for our colleagues, our partners, and the world we live in. Doing that little extra, not because we have to – but because it feels right and because we care.  Please visit their online health expo to support Lego’s desire to give back.

Lego Online Health Expo hosted by A Balanced Life Expos

Health Expos

LEGO® holds its onsite expo in it’s Connecticut location.  For those employees that may miss the Expo at their location, the Online Health Expo will let them view the Exhibitors and what they had to offer.  Please click on your particular Center for Health Providers near you.

02 Nov 2020

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