Healthy Employees are Happier and More Productive


 Some of the many benefits that Health and Wellness Expos can do for you and your employees:

  • Our on-site Health Expos provide opportunities for employees to speak with local health providers and professionals, within the company’s insurance carrier network.  On-line Health Expos offer health information from local in-network providers, for 6 months making it convenient to access anytime
  • On-site allows employees to ask questions, get second opinions, gather information about ageing loved ones being safe at home alone or relatives experiencing mental health challenges, concerns like these can affect employee performance
  • Health Expos on-site or on-line are a great platform to support your health initiatives, by bringing in a wider scope of health and prevention information
  • Our Expos feature educationally geared, licensed and credentialed health professionals
  • Health screenings can lead to early detection before they become apparent health problems
  • Encourages employees to assume an active role in their well-being and maintaining health for them and their family members
  • Healthier employees have a better attendance
  • It is an opportunity to add diversity to your Benefits Fair and to increase participation
  • Health Expos boost morale and lets employees know that the company cares about their well-being
  • Improving your employee’s health can lower insurance rates by fewer claims
  • You provide the space and we will do the rest for on-site Expos.  For on-line Expos, you promote the event and we will do the rest