Health & Quality of Life Resources


Health, Wellness & Quality of Life Resources


A Balanced Life is continually researching new health and wellness services, products and quality of life offerings.  As we come upon those that we believe will benefit our Host Companies, their Employees or our Health Exhibitors we will add them to this page.  For your convenience click on the links below for more information and see how they can be beneficial to you.


Employers are looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs and help their employees achieve optimal health. Businesses are plagued with chronic illnesses costing over $1 trillion annually. Our workplace well being and six week challenge programs are implemented in companies with the goal of decreasing healthcare claims, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity. We can help you tie well being in to your overall corporate strategy.

Earthcore Energy Services

At Earth Core Energy Services, protecting the planet is not only good for future generations—it’s good for business, too. No other company can match the quick return on investment that our smarter energy solutions offer. In fact, most clients can expect a 30% decrease in building energy consumption while also enjoying greater comfort. Many of our clients have even received green building award recognition.


Life Life Screening

Through our Corporate Wellness Program, Life Line Screening can offer the most advanced set of health screening services in the marketplace.

Chronic diseases are the most costly conditions facing healthcare plans today – with cardiovascular disease nearing the top of the list. Early intervention empowers physicians and individuals to make positive changes.

ViDL - A New Health Paradigm
ViDL - A New Health Paradigm

ViDL Solutions

ViDL Solutions is a consulting and training firm focused on helping companies transform their cultures through improved employee wellbeing, team performance and quality leadership.