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 Virtual Health Fairs Online
A Balanced Life has been producing On-site Health Expos for over 25 years.

Who We Are

Virtual Health Fairs Online are a fantastic way to expose your employees to a broad range of health topics for an extended period of time.

A Balanced Life has been coordinating and designing on-site Health Fairs, or Expos as we call them, for over 25 years. And, we are now proud to offer Virtual Health Fairs Online to host companies and large office buildings for their employees.

Why Go Virtual?

During these challenging times the global importance of health and wellness has been heightened.  To meet this challenge and maintain the safety of your employees, we bring in a wider variety of health information than the limits an on-site event allows for.  Therefore, employees from all shifts can access the information versus only those able to attend the on-site event.

Also, Health exhibitors previously unable to participate, can attend without rearranging their patient schedules.  We also can offer a mini webinar, which delivers more in-depth health and wellness information with this type of forum including representation of your current benefit plans and support your health initiatives.  Our Virtual Health Fairs online can significantly impact your employees health, well-being and a positive connection with your company.

Here’s How It Works

A Balanced Life’s on-line Health Expos feature local health providers and professionals within your company’s health insurance network.  The only exceptions would be health professional services that may not be reimbursable by insurance.

We will provide you with a list of approximately 100 health topics to select from, and from the topics you choose we create your customized event.  However, should you want anything not on the list, let us know and we do our best to include it.

Employee’s will then be able to access their companies branded Health Expo on our website 24hours/7days a week for a minimum of one to three months.   Also, if your company has multiple locations, each location will have its own Health Expo to access.

Make It Happen

We are ready to plan a custom Virtual Health & Wellness Expo for you and your employees, so reach out today and let your employees know how much their health and well-being mean to your organization.

Best in Health,
Melissa and The A Balanced Life Team

Virtual Health Fairs Online by A Balanced Life Expos Southington CT
Virtual Health Fairs Online by A Balanced Life Expos Southington CT