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Active Healthy Lifestyles provide Vollara Air Purifiers to help you live life to the fullest.

You can trust this air purifier to protect you, your family, those with compromised immune systems, your clients, friends, and grandparents.  Uses include your home, office, restaurant, gym, school classroom, school buses, cars, restaurants, child-care centers, and businesses.

Scientific studies to prove that germs are killed on surfaces and in the airNo other air purifier can make this claim. Works 24/7. Active Pure Technology kills germs.  Less work for you to wash/sanitize everything.  The purifier does it for you.  This Vollara kills airborne germs in 3 minutes.

Technology from NASA.  This technology goes every where air goes.  Only 10% of indoor air reaches your furnace’s filters and uvc light.

Really clean air feels like being by waterfalls, being in the forest, and being near water.  Experience this where you live, work, and play.

If you do not have an air purifier.  You are the air purifier.

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