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Our advanced nutritional products provide a healthier option to the foods and “quick solutions” that so many are eating today, that are slowly affecting their health. Each natural product is formulated to work in complete harmony with your body’s normal cellular functions of defense, repair, and regeneration while supporting gut health and digestion, and reducing the body’s risks of chronic inflammation.  
Our Mission: 
Alovea “Change Your Life, Change the World™” Mission is to eradicate childhood malnutrition by enabling millions to Reboot their health using our proprietary line of advanced nutritional products. This mission is powered by our revolutionary Social Business 3.0 model that sustainably funds our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative, while richly rewarding those who choose to champion our cause. 
Our Process:  
It’s time to take control and “Do Health Different”. We help to optimize your cellular health with nature’s most powerful molecules to provide your body with the best defense against the growing epidemics of chronic and infectious disease. Here is the best part: By taking a PROACTIVE APPROACH to supporting your own health and those close to you, you can provide the same advanced nutritional support to a child in need through Alovea’s Buy 1, Nourish 2 Social Business Program. We have already distributed tens of millions of servings around the world! Alovea has created the vehicle designed for global impact.

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