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Our Approach

Haven Behavioral Hospital of Dayton is an inpatient crisis stabilization facility for mental health and co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders. Through our innovative programs, we offer a complete array of mental health and addiction treatment services for adults of all ages. Expert clinicians work with you to develop a customized care plan designed to help you find long-term recovery, whether experiencing depression, a mood disorder, alcohol, or drug addiction.

Mental Health Treatment Programs

The Heritage Program

The Heritage Program is designed to provide crisis stabilization and intensive treatment for both voluntary and involuntary adult patients. Comprehensive assessment and treatment is provided by employing a multidisciplinary team approach to treating patients. Patient involvement and responsibility is encouraged through participation in treatment planning. Through this coordinated effort, the program provides the support, structure and therapeutic expertise needed to help patients stabilize their condition.

The Wisdom Program for Older Adults

The Wisdom program is designed to treat older adults experiencing acute changes in mental status or behavior. Personalized treatment is provided in Haven’s safe and nurturing environment to ensure that patients receive a customized recovery plan for the management and stabilization of their condition. Group, individual and activity therapies are an integral part of the treatment approach. Patients and families receive education on specific disorders, medications and effective coping strategies.

The Legacy Program

The Legacy Program is for those individuals suffering from both a substance use disorder and a psychiatric illness at the same time. At Haven, we recognize that in order for treatment to be effective, both conditions must be addressed simultaneously, and the Legacy Program’s evidenced-based approach of medical intervention and therapy has proven to be very effective in treating co-occurring disorders. Detoxification, individual and group therapy sessions, medication management, activity therapies and other services may be part of a patients customized treatment plan. Families and loved ones will be educated on effective support strategies that will aid in the patients healing.

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