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Welcome to Identity Protection Planning!

Identity theft protection is unfortunately life’s newest necessity. PII (Personal Identifying Information) is intentionally & unintentionally shared and exposed. This information may be used to harm individuals today, tomorrow or even years from now.

Hackers are patient. They look for the best time to use the stolen information not just the quickest way. IDENTITY PROTECTION PLANNING is the proud creator of:


When we set out to create our identity protection plans, we wanted to make sure that we were offering the most robust plans at the best prices. Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the US. Our Identity Theft Protection Plans will:


  • Social Security #s Credit/ Debit card #s
  • Driver’s License #s
  • Credit / Debit Card #s
  • Passport #s
  • Change of Address

ALL IDENTRON MONITORING PLANS monitor all 3 credit bureaus TransUnion Equifax Experian

  • Sex Offender Registry Alerts
  • All Identron plans come with $1million in protection
  • Monthly credit reports and scores
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Trans Union Credit File Lock

Today’s digital world is a new arena for everyone. Data is our most valuable asset. We ourselves expose personal data via social media, websites and email. Corporate data breaches assist criminals with the ability to steal identities and commit cyber crimes like never before.

Dana recognized the need for cyber security education. Everything she discovered was dry, boring and too technical for the average person to grasp. Dana is very passionate about educating on the dangers of identity theft and cyber crimes in a manner that folks will be entertained an memorable. Dana thought, “Why not have some fun while learning about cyber security?”

Dana speaks to audiences large and small in whatever format suits best. She can; host a live webinar, provide short educational videos, interview style videos with business owners, teach mini courses, provide email campaigns, etc.

Reach out to Dana if you are interested in discussing some cyber security training options.

Dana Mantilla - Founder of Identity Protection Planning

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Identity Theft Protection Virtual Health Expo LEGO by A Balanced Life Expos

Identity Protection Planning

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