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Imagine how you’d feel if your personal and professional decisions aligned with your values.

I’m passionate about the work that I do because I believe replacing fear, overwhelm and indecisiveness with increased strategy and ability to clearly see opportunities can provide the confidence needed when going through challenges that often create physical and emotional distress.

I began to recognize the power of determination after overcoming challenges in my own life.  Over time, it became easier for me to be comfortable not knowing the exact steps to take, yet purposing myself to figure it out. Generally, the same processes apply in personal and professional situations.

Through small group or one to one coaching, I will I show you how to tap into your inner strength to show up as a fearless visionary who thinks outside the box and leads by taking control of life by creating sustainable processes.

It’s possible for personal and professional lives to successfully coexist by achieving work-life balance and being aware of opportunities to make conscious decisions resulting in improved mental and physical health.

“Cultivate, Clarify & Conquer” with Licia to get things done!

Department of Children and Families employees receive 10% off coaching packages during the duration of the Virtual Health Fair

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Licia Thompson Coaching and Consulting

Licia Thompson, CPC, ELI-MP, Cor.e Leadership

Certified Leadership Clarity & Confidence Transition Coach

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