Is your mind at peace?
That’s where I’d like you to be. If not please understand you are not alone. Even without a pandemic, life is stressful. Today the stress for many of us is greater than ever before. Chronic stress affects your emotional and physical health, damages relationships, quality of life as well as causing last harm to your brain. Alcohol and drug abuse has significantly increased recently, worsening pre-existing problems.

I’ve been working in healthcare field for over 30 years. No matter what you are dealing with, there’s hope, there’s healing. Using a mindfulness based,
compassionate, nonjudgmental and holistic approach I offer the following services to help you achieve a mind at peace.

  • Substance abuse outpatient treatment, and harm reduction.
  • Coaching to reduce behavioral addiction.
  • Coaching for family members in addiction:
    1) learn communication skills to engage your loved one, and
    2) learn behavior tools to invite your loved one to change,
    3) strengthen your own self-care to become more effective at utilizing these skills and tools, while improving your well-being.
  • Mindfulness based smoking cessation + nutritional support. A highly effective method (significantly greater than standard interventions) utilizing
    videos, workbook, and meditation with 5 video coaching calls. Offered for individuals and groups.
  • Coaching to reduce stress, anxiety, depression or chronic pain.
  • Coaching to learn how to meditate.
  • Lunch/Zoom and learns for business.