Our office has been dedicated to health and healing since 1996, excitedly serving the people of Huber Heights and surrounding cities. We know chiropractic is integral to being the best version of ourselves.

Chiropractic is beneficial for a number of reasons. It can help a number of health issues from headaches and back pain to digestive issues or congestion. Experience health like never before by integrating chiropractic care into your life. We know you are going to love this.

Our Services:

Many people seek out chiropractic as a means of staying well. Chiropractic adjustments help keep your spine in continued alignment and allow your nervous system to deliver its messages freely, without interference.

Full Family Care

Family care is great. Share the wealth of health with your whole family, kids included! Chiropractic has shown to be great for every season of life and its easy to schedule family appointments in our office.


Services include:

Chiropractic care, ChiroThin weight loss program and massage therapy.