In my book Positive People Make Things Happen! there are many affirmations that will help you gain and maintain a positive outlook on life. I also touched on how positive people act in certain situations, or how they react to events that happen in their life.

Positive Meter Quotient Self Test  – How high is your PQ? Your PQ is your Positive Quotient, and it affects how you make it through a day in your life. In this system we  take a few minutes to rate your Positive Quotient and see the results on the Positive Meter.

The second part of the training system is my book Mastering Positive Thinking. It is an enrichment guide that puts a framework around what we know to be true about being happy and maintaining a positive outlook. It is also an opportunity to learn more about who YOU really are, and how you can have more happiness and positive moments in your life.

I believe with practice, we can learn to adjust our attitudes in order to make them work more in our favor – and more often. No one can be perpetually optimistic 100% of the time. That is simply not humanly possible…so don’t worry about achieving 100% perfect optimism. Instead, this system is about learning how to think positively in the face of adversity–especially when times really get tough.

Building a positive culture in any organization is essential. It is the foundation of the culture you want to come to every day and be a part of.

You too can experience an amazing transformation into a more positive person. Some transformations come from tragedy turned into a miracle; others come from normal every day experiences that people have – and they have remained a positive influence for others to follow.

Maybe it’s time to take a deeper dive and get serious about your studies of becoming a Positive Person and start to enjoy true happiness!


Mastering Positive Thinking™

Is a framework around what we know to be true about being happy and maintaining a positive outlook.

Educational books, webinars and workshops for employees to attend and learn more about all the health and wellness options that are available to them.

Optimists are better problem solvers and better at accepting bad situations. It takes effort to learn how to rid yourself of negative thinking patterns and it doesn’t just happen overnight.


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