Communities across the nation are dealing with a variety of contaminants due to unregulated
chemicals, illegal dumping, unintended chemical spills, fracking, crumbling water infrastructure
and problematic water treatment.

Whether it’s lead in school water or forever chemicals and over chlorination at home; testing the
water you drink every day is a smart decision for you and your family’s long term health.

Save your health and money
Shady filtration companies will have you believe installing an expensive filter is enough, but
without an unbiased, certified laboratory test you might be paying for the wrong kind of treatment.

Water testing you can trust
That’s why Tap Score by SimpleLab offers state-of-the-art water reports from independent labs. Our
team of experts will help you make sense of your water. Tap Score reports come with a detailed
overview and explanation of your test results and include unbiased recommendations for treatment
should you need it.

SimpleLab does not manufacture or sell filters, so our advice is focused on helping you instead of
selling you something.

That’s why New York Times calls Tap Score “The best water quality test kit for your home”.