Sweet Heal is a farming-based Hemp and CBD producer. We are the 2nd Lic hemp farm and first CBD processor in the state. We grow, as well as have partnerships with local farmers that produce industrial Hemp to highest standards. We select only premium genetics for our CBD Hemp plants. We then process these plants using all-natural techniques to make our CBD oil. Sweet Heal believes in using extraction and distillation methods that produce a full spectrum oil that is free of the toxic residues left behind by some hydrocarbon-based solvents. This is why we have chosen food grade ethanol as our extraction solvent. After extraction our crude oil is purified using advanced distillation techniques resulting in a full spectrum oil that is rich in CBD. This oil is then used in the formulation of the products we produce and offer to the consumer. We are proud of our soil to oil process that ensures you know what your getting and from who. We are also proud to be launching out sustainability product lines, that include 100% recycled hemp for Micro Greens, Fire Starters and hemp plastics.