Fun solutions to improve productivity, decrease healthcare claims, boost morale and improve your bottom line.

Once a company can tie their health and wellness message into their corporate strategy, magic happens to the general health, morale and productivity of a company. Wouldn’t it be great to have our leaders and employees thinking about wellness every day, instead of just once a year?  We Can Customize a Program That Fits Your Culture and Budget!

Services offered:

  • Workplace Well Being 
    Fun for employees, helps build a positive culture, reduces healthcare costs, no risks and no long term contracts.  Reduce your employee turnover with an effective workplace well being program.  Realize a 28 % reduction in sick days and a 26% reduction in healthcare costs.
  • Covid 19 Testing & PPE Supplies
    Covid 19 lab testing, supplies, kits, and PPE equipment to help fight the spread of Corona Virus.  All testing is performed by CLIA certified labs. PPE supplies are manufactured to the highest standards with some FDA certificates available with others pending certification.