After overcoming my own health challenges, I had a passion to become a Health Coach so I could help others reclaim their health.  Through one on one and group coaching,  I will help you develop the skills needed to create new habits, one at a time, in order to get you to your ideal body weight, experience increased energy, reduce your stress levels, have a clearer mind and increased confidence, leading to a better quality of life in every aspect.  You deserve health and wholeness!  When you are healthy you can give more to those you love.

The good news is that many chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes can be prevented by making lifestyle changes, learning how to deal with stress, diet, lifestyle habit change, and strategies to handle emotional eating.  Even small changes of 5-10% loss in body weight can have a profound increase in health parameters and can help you avoid these issues.  Don’t wait until you have a diagnosis to start making changes toward better health.

Working with a Health Coach, you can experience these results:

  • Not only Weight Loss but the Tools to be able to keep it off

  • Increased Confidence, Energy and a renewed sense of Vitality

  • A Shift in how you see Food, your Body, Yourself and Your Relationship with each.

  • Transformation in your Relationships, Productivity and Alertness!

  • How to handle Stress in New, Healthy Ways